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Save Life: Accident and Life Insurance Quotes

Accidents just don’t happen on roads. They are incidents that can just change your life in a fraction of seconds. They can happen anywhere, in homes, in offices or even while traveling. So to insure your life and the life of your family accidental insurances can be of great help. You can be just a click away from providing a lifetime satisfaction or protection to yourself and your family. 

In India 2 types of policies exist under accidental cover. First one includes only the personal cover which does not include the rider and the second one does include the rider. Some accidental 
insurancecompanies also cover after death coverage. One can find all this information and other information related to it on Sites like this and many other provide full and beneficial information that we look for before buying an accidental insurance policy. is another online site which helps in comparing insurance quotes and then buying them making the best choice for you. 

Considering the fact that modern day life has become so unexpected and dangerous that having a right insurance plan for you is the safest thing that a person can to today. The policies provide the policyholder the compensation for the insured person directly from an accident caused by a third party that leads to temporary or permanent disablement. A policy may cover a number of things. Take for example an insurance policy in India covers plane crashes, train accidents and even snake bites other than just road accidents. You can find a number of such policies and experts online which help you to choose from the best choices available.

Apart from accidental insurance cover one should also consider a life insurance cover.
An entirely internet conducting site which provides its customers with the best free insurance quotes online. is entirely an internet business and has nothing to do with the personal meetings and other time consuming procedures. It provides you with the top rated 
life insurance companies and serves you with the free insurance quotes on asking jus the simple information bout oneself. This and other online sites like provides you with an access to nationwide network of life insurance, term life insurance, whole life insurance and universal life insurance. These sites provide you to talk to the experts who clear all the doubts related to quotes and policies.
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Health Care Insurance Quotes

Health is wealth. Healthcare is crucial at any and every point of time. Better caring of health takes place if good insurance related to health is available. These days it has become a tedious task to find effective and cheap insurance plans. Plans are so costly that it becomes impossible for the general public to carry out health insurance. Insurancequotes will help in finding the insurance plan at an affordable price.

Looking for good free insurance quotes is a tedious task. The health coverage should be determined in advance so that suitable plan can be carried out. A mediclaim can be an answer to it. Amount of coverage will reflect on the price. As the amount of coverage increases it in return increases the price. To find a reasonable price again is a very difficult task. People start talking to their fellow beings and find nothing out of it. But the information related to it is just a click away. 

Internet is the best possible alternate which can help in finding a good plan at an affordable price. Endless numbers of sites are available at the internet which can provide information in even some seconds. By just entering the type of the information, information about top health insurance providers is displayed . The quotes which are displayed back by the companies are highly rated and are according to the coverage demanded. The quotes are then available at an affordable price.

The rates of the policy like that of life insurance differ from one company to the other. Determining the correct life insurance policy is again very important. The types of policies differ from one person to another. The policy liked by person A can be rejected by person B. One type of  plan enlists the payment for a specified value of coverage and then same amount can be redeemed. Another plan will pay the money back at regular intervals of time. Both the policies explained have equal benefits. But the choice of the policies will depend upon the demand of the consumers.

The insurance policies are different in every part of the country and the state will decide its parameters according to the needs of the consumers. The complaints of the consumers are then worked upon as soon as possible. The total number of the complaints are then listed in complaint sheet which is worked upon to get desired result.

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AIG Insurance

With headquarters in Paris, France and Hong Kong, China, and operations in more than 130 countries, the New York City-based AIG Insurance Company is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It stands for American International Group and, according to Forbes, it is the sixth largest company in the world. If that was not enough to make it known to the world, the company has also become a sponsor of one of the most popular English football clubs, Manchester United. 

However, the story of this company is one that stretches back to the early 1900s, and not only represents a fine example of entrepreneurship, but also of a man who made popular a unique business model and stuck to it. In 1919, Cornelius Vander Starr became the very first Westerner to sell insurance in Shanghai, China. After growing large enough, he then expended into Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. He could not, however, find matched success in America.

In 1962, Starr gave his U.S. holdings to Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, who reoriented the company’s focus. No longer was it going to concentrate on personal insurance, but rather on corporate coverage. He also began using independent insurance brokers, rather than company agents, in order to save costs. Using this method, Greenberg could keep the price of his insurance high without having to worry about paying agents when sales were not as great. 

Greenberg had such success in the U.S. market that in 1968, Starr resigned and appointed Greenberg his replacement. Under Greenberg, AIG Insurance became the world’s largest and leading international insurance company, serving individuals, corporations, and institutions alike. And, he did it primarily by focusing the company on a unique business model that was based on the concept of underwriting, or making a profit on the amount of premiums taken in over claims paid out before any returns on investment. 

Greenberg was known to have run the company with an iron fist, micromanaging every department to his satisfaction. Even taxi vouchers for his employees would have to be approved by Greenberg. No detail was left unturned. And, that was precisely how Greenberg took the company from its $13 million profit in 1967 to its more than $100 billion in revenues today. 

Starting on the day he first returned from the Korean War, Greenberg demonstrated his entrepreneurial flair. The young lawyer went door to door trying to find work when he first came upon the doorstep of AIG. He was immediately rebuffed, but refused to give up. He tracked down the employee’s boss, complained about his behaviour and won himself a job.

Since then, Greenberg has continued to demonstrate the need to take risks and follow the path less ordinary in order to reach success. Under him, AIG Insurance began to aggressively enter new markets and develop new products. “We don’t wait around until there is a history of knowledge and judgment,” Greenberg once said. “We are always out front in product innovation compared to our competitors. After we’ve done something, they follow.”
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